The Big Digital Picture The Big Digital Picture

Drawing the big digital picture providing richer experiences for the consumers beyond

Corporate Philosophy

A new way of digital marketing together with media and platform companies. An optimal solution for corporate businesses. And richer experiences for the consumers beyond. We will expand the horizons of digital technology and the market by managing constantly updated information and by offering and implementing solutions.

Management commitment

1. Pursue happiness for our employees

We believe that having physically, mentally and socially healthy employees enables us to build a solid management system, which will generate creative value.

2. Create added value to corporate businesses by making the most of digital and information technologies

We will offer ideal digital solutions tailored to solve the problems of corporate businesses and create added value. We will keep pace with the ever-changing social and market environment, and encourage corporations in transforming their businesses to do the same.

3. Offer solutions co-created with media and platform companies

Together with media and platform companies, we will develop products, solutions, and services that adapt to changes in the social and market environment, and offer rich experiences that focus on the consumers beyond.

4. Grow the digital industry

We will play the role of hub (node) for a corporate business, advertising agency, media, platform company, and consumer, and aim to grow the digital industry.