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  • Announcement of the launch of CARTA COMMUNICATIONS, Inc.



Announcement of the launch of CARTA COMMUNICATIONS, Inc.


CARTA COMMUNICATIONS Inc. (Headquarter: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Taku Meguro, President and Representative Director; hereinafter “CCI”), a group company of CARTA HOLDINGS Inc., will take over the business from Cyber Communications Inc. on July 1st, 2021, and will start a new business. The new CCI, together with its partners, will provide products, solutions and services to all kinds of business companies to enrich the digital society and pursue the joy of consumers.

< New vision >

Founded in 1996, Cyber Communications Inc. has endeavored to grow the internet advertising market together with media, platform companies, and advertising agencies. And in this era of constant change, we present “The Big Digital Picture” as our new corporate vision.

With the new strategy and new management structure, our field of business will expand from the media rep business to the digital solution business, and we will strive to create added value and promote business innovation in response to the issues faced by business companies. Together with media and platform companies, we will develop products, solutions, and services that meet the needs of changing society and market environments, and provide rich experiences for the people who live on them.

We aim to expand the digital industry by acting as a hub for business companies, advertising companies, media, platform companies, and consumers. Together with our partners, we will create a big picture of the future for the digital society.

■Message from Taku Meguro, President and Representative Director
As of July 1st, 2021, we will take over the business from Cyber Communications Inc. and will start anew as CARTA COMMUNICATIONS Inc. In the 25 years since its establishment, Cyber Communications Inc., together with its partners, has been able to grow significantly along with the expansion of the internet advertising market.

The internet advertising market is one of the rarest and most rapidly changing markets, and with technological innovation, new technologies are constantly being updated and transformed. In particular, in recent years, the rapid progress of major platform companies and the global trend of personal information protection have transformed not only the internet advertising market but also the digital industry.

We believe that we, too, must evolve in line with these changes in the digital industry. Thus, on January 1st, 2019, VOYAGE GROUP and Cyber Communications merged to form CARTA HOLDINGS Inc. as a pure holding company of both companies. The company name says, "We will not be bound by conventional wisdom, but will open up new routes and draw new charts. This chart will become the de facto standard, and we will work together with various stakeholders to create the sound development of the digital information society.” These are our thoughts.

In the process of integration as a group company of CARTA HOLDINGS, we reexamined the mission of Cyber Communications and determined what should not be changed and what should be changed. As a result, we decided to expand the scope of our business from media rep to include digital solutions. The company name will be changed to CARTA COMMUNICATIONS, and we will start anew with a new management philosophy, vision, and management commitment.

We will continue to take on new challenges, not only for our own growth, but also with a big dream to create a big picture of the future in the digital society so that society and people can have a richer experience.

< Business philosophy >
A new way of digital marketing together with media and platform companies.
An optimal solution for corporate businesses.
And richer experiences for the consumers beyond.
We will expand the horizons of digital technology and the market by managing constantly updated information and by offering and implementing solutions.

< Vision >

< Management Commitment >
1. To pursue happiness for our employees
We believe that having physically, mentally and socially healthy employees enables us to build a solid management system, which will generate creative value.

2. To create added value to corporate businesses by making the most of digital and information technologies
We will offer ideal digital solutions tailored to solve the problems of corporate businesses and create added value. We will keep pace with the ever-changing social and market environment, and encourage corporations in transforming their businesses.

3. To offer solutions co-created with media and platform companies
Together with media and platform companies, we will develop products, solutions, and services that adapt to changes in the social and market environment, and offer rich experiences that focus on the consumers beyond.

4. To grow the digital industry
We will play the role of hub for a corporate business, advertising agency, media, platform company, and consumer, and aim to grow the digital industry.

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