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akio niizawa, Representative Director, President Akio Niizawa
Representative Director,

CCI was the first specialized Internet advertising company to be established in Japan. Since its founding, CCI has remained in the position of No.1 player in Japan’s Internet advertising industry. The knowledge we have accumulated in interactive marketing, our human resources, and our platforms is all world-class, and we are one of the leading interactive marketing companies globally. Thus far, we have partnered with top-class IT companies worldwide, and, in addition to our successes in Japan, we have also a record of favorable results in countries around the world.
  On the Internet, a platform that transcends national boundaries, CCI is well positioned to create new value added for its partners and to support their global development.

taku meguro, Representative Director, Vice President and CFO Taku Meguro
Representative Director,
Vice President

CCI’s principal mission is to contribute to the growth of a healthy digital advertising market, responding to the needs of digital media users and clients, as these change and become more diverse day by day. This contributes to the drawing out of intrinsic value, enabling further growth of our media partners, thereby maximizing media revenue.
  While our main business domain is the media representation business, where we develop and sell digital media advertising, we have also developed our expertise so that we can offer solutions, technology and tools etc. to be able to deal with the high level issues of many of our clients and agencies relating to interactive marketing and data management.
  Hereafter, as a leader in the domain of interactive marketing, we will continue to make best use of our rich knowledge and accumulated knowhow, and to be at the cutting edge of the empowerment offered by digital society.

chiaki kobayashi, Director, Vice President Chiaki Kobayashi
Vice President

In Japan, CCI has a long history, dating back to the dawn of the digital advertising market, and it has played a role as a hub for information and business.
Our greatest strength is our capability for offering comprehensive interactive services to all types of companies in the digital market. These include cutting-edge platforms, such as ad networks for PCs and smart devices, and ad exchanges. We also offer media planning, data management, and social marketing services along with solution services.
  In addition, through business alliances and investments in leading partners both domestically and globally, we have a wealth of experience in localizing businesses and technologies. Looking to the future, we at CCI will work to contribute to the development of an affluent information society by using our abundance of state-of-the-art digital know-how to provide integrated -solutions in Asia and the rest of the world.

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