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CCI is deeply conscious of the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), and consequently has established a corporate principle of “supporting the creation of an intelligent society by offering smooth and reliable means of communication between people and corporations utilizing digital networks.” In addition to strictly observing the law and operating in accordance with corporate ethics, we aim to gain trust among our stakeholders, which include stockholders, customers, business partners, employees and the local community, by taking action responsibly.

Screening system

The CCI Group has its own standards in regard to delivery and placement for advertisers and advertising content. In handling advertisements, we confirm that the advertiser is placing an advertisement that does not violate our delivery and placement standards. We also conduct thorough screening of advertising content based on these standards before it is delivered or placed. CCI also has an equivalent standard on delivery and placement for Internet media companies. Before purchasing advertising space, we confirm that it adheres to our standards and do not purchase it if it falls short. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that any advertising content and media that does not meet our criteria will be placed. In actuality, such a problem has never occurred before.

Information Security Management System – Acquisition of ISMS certification

The Personal Information Protection Act was enacted on April 1, 2005. Today, social interest in information security, including personal information and its significance, is growing. As an approach taken by the Dentsu Group, CCI obtained group authentication of the international specification standard ISO/IEC27001:2005 and JISQ27001:2006 for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) to ensure strict information management and its continual improvement. In this way, the CCI Group has established tangible management methods related to necessary action guidelines and data distribution methods when handling all types of data including personal data, and is planning for the thorough execution of appropriate data management activities.

Environmental Management System – Acquisition of EMS certification

CCI has acquired the Environmental Management System ISO14001 certification to proceed with the Company’s response to environmental issues. In doing so, CCI contributes to improving the environment by correctly assessing and being aware of the environmental effects of its business activities, moving forward with activities that reduce the burden placed on the environment, as well as striving toward developing and offering communication services that consider the environment. In addition, CCI has established its own unique action plan, which it implements in-house.

Support of UNESCO World Terakoya Movement “Kururinpa”

Under the slogan “Education for All,” the UNESCO World Terakoya Movement is a movement established in 1989 by the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan (NFUAJ) to provide places of learning, enabling children who cannot go to school the chance to receive an education. Dentsu Group companies support the principles and activities of UNESCO, and in 2004 the Group initiated the UNESCO World Terakoya Movement “Kururinpa,” which CCI also supports. As a member of the Dentsu Group, CCI supports the holding of the Kururinpa-ten Charity Exhibition, held to raise consciousness of the UNESCO World Terakoya Movement throughout society, as well as the implementation of a project to deliver soccer balls to children in countries throughout Asia.

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